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 Atari 800 EX - EmulatorreleaseBack
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Filesize:4.12 Mb
Added:Apr 23, 2012
Updated:Feb 2, 2014
Package Author: StreaK
Atari800 EX is DonationWare software.
Emulator [atari800] itself is GPL'ed software, but GUI [EX Launcher] is a DonationWare Software
There are basic functionality [view screens for example] but some options are disabled [like:
importing screens/importing manuals/fullscreen view, playing SAP Music from GUI and more..].
They're can be unlocked by donating for future developments of Atari 800 EX GUI.
Ofcourse users that donated for my other* projects will get Atari800 EX - Donators Edition for free

Info about atari800:
Atari800 is the emulator of Atari 8-bit computer systems and 5200 game console for Unix, Linux,
Amiga, MS-DOS, Atari TT/Falcon, MS-Windows, MS WinCE, Sega Dreamcast, Android and other systems
supported by the SDL library. Our main objective is to create a freely distributable portable
emulator (i.e. with source code available). It can be configured to run in the following ways :

Additional info:
EX Launcher for Atari800 is author's [StreaK's] software, no single piece of GPL code was used
in making this GUI.

Please read documentation for Atari800 EX

* - uPIM, DosBox EX, OpenPandora BookShelf and more..

Keys in GUI:
[Start]/Alt - Start Game
[A-Z] - Search for a game
[LTrigger+RTrigger+Q] - Exit Atari800 EX GUI

Freeware Edition
- 800x480 Ready
- TV-Out Ready [Standard]
- Viewing Manual + FAQ for Every Atari Game
- Viewing Screenshots for Every Atari Game
- OpenPandora Keys used
- QuickSearch for Atari Game in List [just start to type something]
- Setting up any directory with games to use with Atari800 EX

Donators Edition
- Auto-Loading GameScreen to GUI if user performed ScreenShot in Emulator [using F10 key]
- Importing ScreenShots
- Auto-Loading Savestates if found for specific game.
- Fullscreen ScreenShots view [still work in progress]
- Fullscreen Covers view [still work in progress]
- Atari SAP Player [still work in progress]
- Importing Manuals/FAQ [still work in progress]

Source for atari800: http://atari800.sourceforge.net/
Source for EX Launcher: Closed Software
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Additional Info
Default Keys:

F1 - Atari800 Menu
F2-F4 - Atari Function Keys
Alt+L - Load SaveState
Alt+S - SaveState
F10 - Make ScreenShot
F9 - Exit Emulator
D-PAD - atari joysitck
D-PAD Buttons - atari joystick fire

This release contains few fresh games/intros [from 2008 to 2014] from very healthy Polish Atari 8Bit Scene.

Greets for all Polish Atari 8bit Sceners: Kaz, Xeen, Miker, TDC, f0x, and all that i might have missed. AOL.. :) Keep the scene alive..

Whats new:
- New EX Launcher GUI
- Atari800 v3.0.0 SVN

Topic on OpenPandora Boards:

Atari800 EX is DonationWare software. If You find this soft usefull, please donate any sum for further development, and after donating i'll send You full/unlocked version of Atari800 EX with all features unlocked.
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15/10/2013 16:07 UTC
Heh, milo ze ktos z PL sie odzywa :D
27/05/2013 18:32 UTC
Love the emulator, but I have two suggestions: - lose the auto boot basic question, since I'm not auto-booting software anyway, and can toggle Basic from within app as I need to - F1=menu, F2=Start and F3=Select, so no need for special keys. I want to use ALT-R to load a program, and can't as is
03/12/2012 20:21 UTC
Pierwszy emulator na Pandora i trafiam na ziomali =) Pozdro!
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