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Added:Dec 16, 2013
Updated:Dec 16, 2013
Package Author: gburca / Ekianjo
BaGoMa - BaGoMa - A script to Backup Google Mail.

BaGoMa backs-up the contents of a GMail account.

BaGoMa requires your GMail account to be IMAP accessible.
Check the Mail Settings and make sure "Enable IMAP" is selected under the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab.
In the "Folder Size Limits" section on the same tab, make sure the following option is selected: "Do not limit the number of messages in an IMAP folder".

BaGoMa never deletes any email from your account.

Google sometimes imposes limits on how much data can be transfered from your account.
If you run into such a limitation, just wait a few days and try the backup again.
BaGoMa will pick up from where it left off. If the temporary loss of IMAP access is critical to you, think twice before using this script.
As far as I'm aware, web access to your email should continue unimpeded even if IMAP access is blocked.

- Just run it, and follow the instructions. The program should take care of everything and auto-close in the end.
- Note that backing up a large email account can take several hours. Be patient and let it run overnight if you need.

Version info:
#1.40.1 released December 16 2013 : Luminarie Edition.
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