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 BGS, Backup Saved GamesreleaseBack
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Added:Oct 5, 2013
Updated:Apr 7, 2014
Package Author: Ekianjo
Ever wondered what would happen to the saved game file of your favorite PS1 RPG if your SD Card gets corrupted once day ?
Don't wait for that to occur.

BGS is a small application which will check the presence of saved games for a number of set emulators and native games, and save them all together for you, automatically, in a single-file archive on your SD Card.
It will also duplicate that file on your second SD Card (if inserted) in order to maximize data redundancy and avoid that you lose everything if one of your SD Card dies. It's rather unlikely that your second SD Card would get corrupted at the exact same time.

It currently supports backup up saved games for the following applications:

- Gambatte, Gameboy emulator
- Pcsx_rearmed, PS1 emulator
- Drastic, DS emulator
- PPSSPP, PSP emulator
- gpSP, GBA emulator
- UAE4ALL, Amiga emulator
- Snes9x4p, SNES emulator
- Gpfce, NES emulator
- Gngeo, NEO GEO emulator
- Fba, arcade emulator
- Apkenv, Android games (not emulated)
- Darkplaces, Quake engine
- Dune dynasty, Dune2 Reboot
- Scumm VM, LucasArts (and others) adventure games emulator
- Return to Castle Wolfenstein
- PicoDrive, Genesis/Megadrive emulator
- Freespace2
- Exult, engine for Ultima7
- Chocolate Doom, Doom engine
- Solarus DX, Zelda-like game
- Pewpew2, polygonal shooter
- Duke Nukem 3d, come get some
- 8Blitter, Master System/GameGear emulator
- Pushover
- Projectx, Forsaken-like game
- NubNub

Since 0.2.2 :
- Mupen2.0
- LBA via prequengine
- Out of This World
- Paper Wars
- Homeworld
- Freeciv
- Microbes

Since 0.2.3 :
- Mooboy, GB emulator

Since 0.2.4 :
- area2048
- Boson x
- ZDoom
- Widelands
- Super Hexagon
- Snowman Reloaded
- Pandora Nanolemmings
- Double Cross
- Dopewars
- Metroidclassic
- Not pacman
- Not tetris
- Openttd
- Reicast

More applications can be supported, just let me know what you need... :)

- Just run it, and follow the instructions. The program should take care of everything and auto-close in the end.

Version info:
#0.2.3 released October 24 2013 : support for Mooboy gameboy emulator added.
#0.2.2 released October 12 2013 : support for many other games added + various fixes in the code.
#0.2.1 released October 10 2013 : now includes a progress bar during backup, as well as size estimation of the archive before backup, and free size check before backup on second SD Card. + various fixes.
#0.1.1 released October 5 2013 : first release.
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A thread is opened on the boards:

Preview Pics
11/10/2013 21:00 UTC
"Don't wait for that to occur." I did wait for that to occur to my Legend of the Dragoon saves. Thanks Devs for sparing others a similar fate, and thanks Mr_Loon on the boards for bringing this to my attention!
11/10/2013 01:31 UTC
@tieuphong -> I don't plan on supporting Google Cloud here, because API's a headache. You never know when they are going to change and it's always a problem when they do and you need to keep updating and supporting it. For now this is a offline backup solution.
11/10/2013 00:41 UTC
This is nice, but Google cloud backup would be nicer.
06/10/2013 03:09 UTC
@nogbu thanks for testing!
05/10/2013 19:29 UTC
Backup seems to work fine.
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