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Added:Jun 1, 2013
Updated:Jun 3, 2013
Package Author: ptitSeb
Black Shades and Black Shades Elite
by David Rosen

Black Shades Elite is a fork of Black Shades. Gameplay is a bit easier. Games are very similar.

Try to keep your VIP (the guy in white) alive as long as possible. The assassins will all try to shoot or stab him to death. You must do all you can to prevent this. Your reputation has preceded you, so the VIP has absolute confidence in your abilities and will completely ignore all the assassins. When an assassin is aiming at your VIP with a gun, you will psychicly see a line of sight extending from him to your VIP. This line will narrow and redden until it disappears and the assassin fires. Depending on the situation it may be best just to shoot the assassin(s), or to dive and tackle the VIP to the ground to avoid the bullet. Unfortunately your psychic powers do not show the line of sight of knife-wielding assassins.

If you are feeling overwhelmed you can use psychic aiming to temporarily speed up your thought processes and aim your shots better. If there are no visible enemies you may want to release your soul and look for nearby enemies. When your soul is released your VIP pulsates between blue and red, civilians between black and red, and assassins are solid red.

If you die or your VIP is killed.. the level restarts. If you are are interested in the theory behind this: you are a psychic bodyguard, so you can see small distances into the future. The failure only occured in a possible future which you are now going to try and avoid.

The scoring system consists of:
150 points for a successful disarm
300 points for destroying a zombie (by blowing its head off)
100+50x points for completing a mission where x is the mission number (i.e. 450 points for completing mission 3)
75 points for incapacitating an assassin
+50 if he had a knife
-300 points for hurting a civilian
-200 points for allowing the VIP to die
The penalty for failing to protect the VIP is halved if you kill the assassin.

WASD / DPad = walk
shift / {L-Trigger} = run
mouse / {R-Nub} = look
control / , = crouch/zoom
click / {R-Trigger} = fire (while aiming) or smash (while running) or pick up gun (while crouching over a body and not aiming) or disarm (while not aiming)
q / {Y} = aim or un-aim (important for picking up guns)
r / {A} = reload
e / {B} = psychic aim
z / {X} = toggle soul release
space = dive (while running forwards)
l = lasersight
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Additional Info
This is a great little FPS.
It use OpenGLES acceleration, framerate are good, even on CC.
Controls are customized to fit the Pandora Controls.
In appdata/blackshades/home you'll find a config.txt where you can alter some parameters, like the mouse sensitivty if you find it too slow.

Controls are "FPS", so Mouse Move is fixed to Right Nubs, and Mouse Button to Left Nubs.
Touchscreen cannot be used (because mouse is Grabbed).

History log
Build 02
* Fixed the freeze that was happening (it was SDL Grabbed Mouse + GLES)
* Added Black Shades Elite, a fork of Black Shades (very similar gameplay and functions).

Build 01
* Initial release.
* Ported OpenGL -> OpenGLES1
* Customized controls

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/index.php/topic/13351-black-shades/
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17/03/2014 07:01 UTC
Yes it is. Go to your appdata/blackshades/home and edit config_elite.txt. Go down and you'll see the option "invert mouse", put 1 instead of 0 and it should work :)
16/03/2014 23:56 UTC
Is it possible to reverse the up/down view control, so that mouse down lifts the view up? (I am used to that)
01/06/2013 22:03 UTC
4/5....the potential to be amazing. I commented per thread.
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