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 BeeSoft CommanderreleaseBack
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Added:May 25, 2012
Updated:May 25, 2012
Package Author: StreaK
Beesoft Commander is a two-panel file manager like Norton Commander or Dos Navigator
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F1 Help: you are here, information about navigation keys.
F2 Attr: allow you to change access permission for selected files/directories (recursive too).
F3 View: allow you to see what is inside a file.
F4 Edit: edit a text file.
F5 Copy/Move: copy/move selected files/directories (recursive too).
F6 Rename: changes a name of selected file or directory.
F7 MkDir: creates a new subdirectory.
F8 Delete: removes selected files/directories (recursive too).
F9 Pack: packs selected files/directories (recursive too).
F10 Quit: end of program, come back to operating system.
Home jumps to a first item in a directory.
End jumps to a last item in a directory.
ArrowUp goes to a previous item.
ArrowDown goes to a next item.
PageUp jumps to a previous items page.
PageDown jumps to a next items page.
+ (plus) selects items via mask.
- (minus) unselects items via mask.
* (asterix) inverts current selections.
Ctrl+A selects all items.
Alt+A unselect all items.
Alt+Enter resizes a width of all colums to it contents.
Ctrl+Enter jumps to a user home directory.
Backspace jumps to a parent directory.
Sh5ft+F6 rename file
and more..
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05/07/2012 14:27 UTC
Does it have any advantages over Midnight Commander? I miss having a shell underneath the panels. Also, F1 (help) does not work.
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