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Added:Dec 16, 2012
Updated:Dec 28, 2015
Package Author: ptitSeb
CannonBall - The Enhanced C++ Outrun Engine.

Even if it not an emulator, you need the ROMS from Outrun rev B
(used for everything except CPU Code)

To have the alternative Japanese Tracks, ROMS from Outrun Japanese set is required

The beta/test track is also available for both sets.

Time Trial mode, a new type of game, has been added, and allows you to race 4 laps on the same portion of the circuit.

You have many choice for graphics, with smooth 60 fps, orginal 30/60 fps (60 fps for road, 30 for sprites), of 30 fps which can be combined with a new HiRes graphics mode for crisper details (if you want 60 fps and HiRes combined on the OpenPandora, you should try the experimetal GLES version for less frameskip).
There is an automatic frameskip, so the gameplay will always be at the right speed.

And now with Compo4All scores!
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Additional Info
This a remake of the Outrun arcade machine. The code as been entirely rewritten in C++, but it still need the original ROMS (file from rev.A not needed anymore) to run. Unzip all in the "appdata/cannonball/roms" folder and you're (should be) good to go for a ride.

It features some bug correction over the original Outrun engine, the arches on Stage 2 are not broken anymore for example, there are many more sprite than in the original game.

Now with a Time Trial Mode and Custom Track.

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/index.php?/topic/11068-cannonball-the-enhanced-c-outrun-engine/

History logs:
* Based on v0.3.0 sources, with enhanced widscreen and other improvement
* Use Fusilli client on the firmware for C4A
* Imperfect BGM and SFX volume control
* Updated Fusilli client from Ziz, with fixed cached upload for large cache
* Using Fusilli client from Ziz, with cached upload
* Improved a bit Streaming Texture init for GLES mode.
* Tilt is now parametrable in the Video option menu (GLES mode only)
* Fixed Streaming Texture init for GLES mode (more speed)
* Added experimental rotation for GLES mode
* Based on v0.122 of official version
* New Continuous mode
* New GLES Experimental mode, with Texture Streaming (work best on Gigahertz model with non-default driver) and older
see main thread for history logs.
Preview Pics
16/04/2015 10:41 UTC
excellent performance after all the optimisations done. Very nice.
08/08/2014 16:29 UTC
WOW, on my CC machine with GLES I can now run at 60fps.
13/01/2014 00:44 UTC
This update brings significant performance improvements. Can now play at full 60fps on rebirth pandora at 800 MHz. Definitely recommended!
28/05/2013 15:53 UTC
One of my favorite racing games on the Pandora!!
28/05/2013 05:37 UTC
Strange, I didn't get that. I will look at it.
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