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 Chex Quest 3releaseBack
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Filesize:6.96 Mb
Added:Nov 12, 2014
Updated:Nov 21, 2014
Package Author: ptitSeb
The original Chex Quest 3 was made by fans of the series who were disappointed that the third had been canceled. But, rather than make entirely new levels and graphics, they stole much of them from other mods, mostly from Hacx and STRAIN. This one was noticeably harder, and when it was discovered it was a fake, it was quickly discarded. Team Eternity also started work on a Chex Quest 3 project, but abandoned it quickly.

Ten years later, Charles Jacobi, a former member of Digital Café, the makers of the original Chex Quest, created and released Chex Quest 3, including recreations of the original two episodes.

This PND need the ZDoom PND to run.
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Additional Info
Here is Chex Quest 3, The free FPS based on Doom engine, that was originaly distributed as a gift in cereal box.

The Chex Quest 3 contain the (slightly modified) original Chex Quest, plus the second episode Chex Quest 2, and a third original episode.

Note that you will need the ZDoom PND Build 11 or more for this to run (like with all "runtime" PND, you don't need to launch it, it just have to be present and will be automagicaly used).

History log
Build 02
* Attempt to make it run on old firmware

Build 01
* Initial build

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/topic/17317-chex-quest-3/
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21/11/2014 23:08 UTC
@CCF: Strange, it should work. This one use "Zandronum" engine, from the ZDoom PND (I know, strange mix), so it may still work around the "LUMPS" issue. No ideas (for now) about the OpenAL.
21/11/2014 22:31 UTC
@ptitSeb:Just too many LUMPS and open AL problems with ZDoom. I suppose if I cannot open zdoom with good old MR. iWAD then those other games will not run. Thank you for your correspondence. I am banned from the forum so I cannot elaborate. I give up. No plug and play for me today = poetry. ;)
21/11/2014 21:34 UTC
@CCF: It should work now, care to try again?
19/11/2014 11:06 UTC
Runs fine here - just open pandora menu from xfce, navigate to chex quest, press enter... and it runs. CC Pandora.
16/11/2014 22:20 UTC
Works great on my 1Ghz-pandora. Thanks for the port. I dont know what kind of problem CCF has, but for me all port from ptitSeb works great. Sounds for me like a problem with his pandora.
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