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Added:Jan 21, 2014
Updated:Feb 7, 2014
Package Author: Ekianjo
Courserian is an GUI application to download, manages and view course material from Coursera (http://www.coursera.org), one of the providers of free online courses from renowned universities around the globe. Basically, with Courserian you can follow your donloaded courses on the go, offline, without the need of another computer. I hope Courserian can become your daily companion to learn more stuff, everywhere, every day.

Courserian is a candidate for the Alive And Kicking Coding Competition.

To use Courserian, you need to have completed these steps:
- to have registered an account on Coursera.org (free to create)
- to have registered to follow at least one course
- to have at least one course which has started (and not closed yet)
- to have accepted the code of Honor for that course

Once you are done,
1) Launch Courserian from the Education menu in xfce
2) Enter your Login Details (login and password from Coursera.org) - only the first time.
3) Add a course to follow: check the URL of your course in your course page (for example, https://class.coursera.org/powerofmarkets-001) and insert the name after class.coursera.org/, i.e. powerofmarkets-001 in this example.
4) Decide to download the course material immediately or not
5) Once you have downloaded some material, you can browse the material through Courserian
6) Courserian will open txt, srt, pdf, and video files for you. (word, excel and ppt files are not yet supported)
7) Coursera updates courses material every week, so you can run a "Course update" every week to get the latest course material with Courserian.

Additional Features:
- You can delete courses from Courserian once you are done with them, to save space.
- You can go in the Extras Menu and ask to use SMPlayer (if you have it installed on your SD Card) to view videos (since the Mplayer in the firmware is not working well enough for some videos)
- to do: install SMPlayer from extras.
- to do: email notification from extras

Version 0.4 (7 Feb 2014) - Now displaying sizes of lessons folders + Working Download/Update All Courses option (please test) + a few fixes.
Version 0.3 - Added features (SMPlayer loaded by default always after you set it up once, Column to track which videos you have viewed so far) and another bug fix.
Version 0.2 - Added features (file size of course display, show videos only button, background download by default) and various fixes.
Version 0.1 - Initial Release - Tested only on 1.60 Firmware so far.

Tools used:
Yad (front-end), Coursera-dl (backend), ImageJ (logo).
All work done entirely on Pandora with Geany.
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19/02/2014 02:00 UTC
@nobgu Yeah, I noticed that issue as well for the "download all" part. I need to fix this. As for the downloader not exiting, that's not a very easy fix (I need to find a way to terminate the process elegantly) but I'll try to find something.
14/02/2014 22:10 UTC
Having two courses (introphil-03 and introthermodynamics-02), 'update all' started two background downloaders, both downloading data from the second course. Also the downloaders don't exit automatically after finishing.
30/01/2014 00:18 UTC
It was the line "" > smplayerlocation.txt; perhaps a truncate -s 0 smplayerlocation.txt is better? Deleting the file if the PND cannot be found would also prevent pndrun errors.
25/01/2014 05:05 UTC
@nobgu can you confirm which version you tested? the 0.1.1 or the 0.2 ?
24/01/2014 22:47 UTC
Don't have an active course yet, but running the 'find SMPlayer' extra puts './run.sh: line 165: : command not found' into the pnd_out
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