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Added:Jul 28, 2013
Updated:Jul 29, 2013
Package Author: Dgen team
DGen/SDL is a free, open source emulator for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive systems. DGen was originally written by Dave, then ported to SDL by Joe Groff and Phil K. Hornung in 1998. Unfortunately, the project was abandoned at least since 2005 and much of its history gone with its original home page.

In 2008, tamentis decided to try to relive DGen/SDL by registering this project on SourceForge and made the source code of the last official release (version 1.23) available through CVS. He also created DGen's logo.

In August 2011, suddenly remembering Streets of Rage, I struggled to find a Mega Drive (Genesis) emulator able to run it on my current setup (Linux/x86_64), as most of them either targeted Windows, were completely written in x86 assembly, or just didn't work for some reason.

Because DGen was my emulator of choice since 2002, I resolved to have a look at the code and make it 64‐bit‐safe myself (only one month later, I found out that some people on some forums already created patches for this purpose). After that and some additional bugfixing, I noticed that tamentis was looking for a new maintainer, so I offered my help along with a bunch of patches and got the position.

DGen isn't the best Mega Drive/Genesis emulator out there, but it works and it's probably the most portable.


29th July: Build 2 with custom key mappings:
A, X, B = A, B, C on Megadrive/Genesis
Start = Start
Select = Mode
1,2,3 .... 9 are the slots for quick saves. Press a slot number first, then S to save, and L to load on keyboard.
F1 : take screenshot
F2 : activate screen filter (HQ, 2x, default=off)
F3 : CrapTV mode (blur, scanlines, interlace, default=off)
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Additional Info
I wanted to try, speed wise, to see how this compared to PicoDrive. Well, Picodrive is faster but DGEN can run almost full speed if you overclock. Not that bad. On 1Ghz this should be full speed.

At the beginning you have to choose an uncompressed rom (smd or bin are supported). Then DGEN launches in full screen.

ESC to exit the game.
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31/07/2013 03:24 UTC
indeed, DGeneration was an old favorite of mine, I still play it via DOSBox on the Pandora... would have been sweet to have had a native port, but I know it would be a huge effort. Either way DGen seems to be working for me. Keep up the good work!
29/07/2013 07:15 UTC
@dejunai do you mean the game DGeneration ? :)
29/07/2013 07:09 UTC
dang it! i thought this was port of an old DOS game: "DGen"... LOL ... but I will be happy to try a new Emulator, just the same...
29/07/2013 03:51 UTC
OK, I will upload a new version very soon with the correct button mappings. Just found the way how to handle that.
28/07/2013 14:08 UTC
Please consider this as an early version at this stage. Improvements are on the way regarding the mapping of buttons... :)
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