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 DIRK DASHING 2: E.V.I.L. EYEreleaseBack
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Added:Apr 12, 2020
Updated:Apr 12, 2020
Package Author: Farox
DIRK DASHING 2: E.V.I.L. Eye Demo/Trial Version 1.1 released on May 18, 2012.
A game released by MY GAME COMPANY.
Dirk Dashing 2 is a classic-style platformer with a secret agent theme.
After a wicked computer virus destroys G.O.O.D.'s new computer network, agent Dirk Dashing must track down the cyber criminal responsible for the attack.
His mission leads him to a massive global corporation, owned by one of the wealthiest men in the world.
Help Dirk avoid security systems, evade guards, and solve all-new puzzles to stop a diabolical new plot by E.V.I.L. mastermind, Dr. Ego!

Key Features:

Interactive cartoon antics - you can trick guards into running off ledges, into walls, or into each other
New stealth tactics allow you to sneak unseen and unheard past enemies
40 huge levels to explore, including 5 secret levels, all packed with hidden areas and secret treasures
Hand-painted scenery and animation, done in a traditional cartoon style
An original soundtrack consisting of almost 45 minutes of great spy music
Save your game progress at any point
Play using keyboard or joystick/gamepad
Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux


Story, Game Design, and Programming: Troy Hepfner

Artwork: Troy Hepfner, Michael Metcalf, Ryan Sumo

Music Composed By: Jesse Hopkins


Pandora port is based on the 32-bit Linux demo release of the game and run with the help of
Box86(dynarec), and the GL4ES library by ptitSeb.
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Additional Info
Thread here https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/dirk-dashing-2-e-v-i-l-eye-demo-trial.99045/#post-1671867
Preview Pics
27/04/2020 22:08 UTC
@FBnil Thanks. The first level is dark by design (the ambient is a night with rain and thunders), the second have more light because is inside the factory with lights (there are some switch to turn on/off the lights in some room). Sadly the controls are fixed, and fullscreen is not working atm.
27/04/2020 17:23 UTC
It's a bit dark in the first level, the second level has more light. Port removes the top part of the screen, so you often need to look up to see if there are any camera's. Managed to get myself locked by pushing a box against some agents, just between a door. You will need L1 and R1 working to play
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