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 DosBox EX + Games DownloaderreleaseBack
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Filesize:27.32 Mb
Added:Apr 17, 2012
Updated:Jan 17, 2021
Package Author: StreaK
A fork of DosBox focused on speed and easy use with fresh custom GUI. Please DO NOT Redistribute.

DosBox EX GUI + DosBox EX Games Downloader

[c] StreaK [ NEW contact: me [at] revolt-labs.com ]

There are 2 versions of this DosBox EX Ultimate:

Freeware version
- AutoMounting A: [floppy] if in game dir floppy directory found [with floppy content]*
- Automounting floppy images/PC-Booters [floppy.img] if found in game directory.
- Automounting HDD images [c.img] if found in game dir [suitable for running Windows 95 on DosBox EX]
- Viewing manuals + faqs when dosbox is running [beta]
- Installing DXZ files with Shareware / Freeware games [ thread: http://bit.ly/1eqYk8K ]
- Game BoxArt view [if found in game dir as front.jpg+back.jpg]
- Making ScreenShots in Games [using Experimental version]
- Dual DosBox'es Version [Standard and Experimental]
- Option to select alternative mouse driver with custom sensitivity [for some games]
- Touchscreen and Nubs+USBMouse included
- Cheating in games easily
- Viewing Manual/ReadMe/FAQ/File_ID.DIZ/Screenshots files
- Advanced configuration not seen in other DosBox Frontends [cheating, disabling mouse]
- Front-End customized to use exclusively on OpenPandora
- Auto-Mounting ISO IMAGEs
- TV-Out Ready

* - some very old games and Microprose games installers needs this.

Donator version
All options included in freeware version with additional features:
- Various Screen Modes added to Advanced Config [OLD CRT/TV Mode + Super Smooth Mode]
- Setting USB JoyPad for OpenPandora in Virtual Custom Mapper
- Starting Dos Navigator from DosBox EX GUI [handy to install a game from ISO/CD file]
- Music / MODULES DosBox JukeBox Mode
- Music CD Audio Player Mode
- Custom mapper.txt Creator straight from DosBox EX GUI
- Mounting CUE+ISO for games with cd-audio tracks [automounting 4 CD/Images at once]
- Automounting more that one CD IMAGE
- Renaming and Deleting directories
- Quick and Easy Importing game screens
- Quick and Easy Importing Manual/FAQ files
- Rating and Status settings
- Easy Editing Manual/FAQ file
- Using game specific custom Mappers
- Random Game Play Mode
- Ripping music from Dos Games and play them using JukeBox Music Mode
- Adjusted options for mouse users [Pop Up options while clicked RMB on game list ]
- Checking game directory size
- Antivirus Scan from DosBox EX Quick Menu
and much more...

Standard Keys:
[Left Shoulder] + ENTER => window / fullscreen [strongly advised to using it]
[Left + Right Shoulder Button] + Q => Quit DosBox and load/show EX Launcher
[Left + Right Shoulder Button] + R => Restart DosBox EX
[Left + Right Shoulder Button] + I => Swap ISO/CUE Image
[Left + Right Shoulder Button] + D => Dec frameskip
[Left + Right Shoulder Button] + F => Inc frameskip
[Left + Right Shoulder Button] + V => Record video+sound from game [DB Experimental only]
[Left Shoulder Button] + ; + Fn => :
[Left + Right Shoulder Button] + 1..0 => numeric keyboard
[Left Shoulder Button] + W => Right Mouse Click

- Joystick mapped to d-pad + A/B
- D+Pad + A/X/B/Y => Arrows + CTRL/ALT/SHIFT/SPACE

Standard Keys in GUI:
[Start]/ENTER - Run Game
[Select] - View ScreenShot
D-Pad - Choose Game
F1 - About..
F3 - Edit OneLiner [Donators Version]
F5 - Rename Game Directory [Donators Version]
ESC - Exit DosBox EX
put game directories in:
or any other dir and the select dir in dosbox ex config

|--Larry.1.vga [Directory]

| |-- 01.iso [this ISO will be AUTO-MOUNTED as drive D:]

| |-- 01.iso
| |-- 01.cue [this ISO/CUE will be AUTO-MOUNTED as drive D:]

| |-- floppy.img [this Floppy image will be AUTO-MOUNTED as drive A: and booted]

| |-- c.img [this HDD image will be AUTO-MOUNTED as drive C: and booted ]

| |-- virtual [this directory will be mounted as drive D: in ReadOnly mode with CD emulation ]

| |-- 01 [Directory with various content (pictures in png/jpg/gif format)]
| | |-- scan.jpg
| |
| |-- 01.iso [this iso will be AUTO-MOUNTED as drive D:]
| |-- 01.txt [this file with manual/GameFAQ will be visible in DosBox EX GUI]
| |-- FILE_ID.DIZ [this file with file info will be visible in DosBox EX GUI]
| |-- README.TXT [this file with readme will be visible in DosBox EX GUI]
| |-- 01.png [gamescreen]
| |-- front.jpg [boxart front]
| |-- back.jpg [boxart back]
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Additional Info
Why two versions? Because all new feats from Donators Edition was sugested/demanded from community, and i implemented them especially for community, Im finding it fair to pay small donation sum for product or new feature that was demanded previously by community.
DosBox EX is Donationware

How to get a Donator Edition? Easy, just donate any sum You want to my PayPal account [check ABOUT button in DosBox EX] and send me an email [ me [at] revolt-labs.com ]. You'll receive Donators Edition Version

Of course all previous donators [that donated for my other projects] will receive Donators Edition for free.
Just email me: me [at] revolt-labs.com

Whats new in v14: Bugfixes.. Bugfixes

Now with DosBox EX - Downloader

DosBox EX Repo via Downloader includes about +270 games

Wanna help in creating games for DosBox EX - Downloader?

The general idea of usage dosbox ex is to use standard + touchscreen version, but if any of You find some quirks in using it just switch to experimental + nubs version and everything will work..

Where you can find manuals/faq to use with DosBox EX [file 01.txt]?

http://www.lemonamiga.com/ [a lot of manuals in txt]
http://www.gamefaqs.com/ [a lot of manuals in txt]
http://www.freegameempire.com/ [a lot of manuals in txt]

Preview Pics
31/03/2013 15:40 UTC
@edy use the 'dn' command (dosbox navigator) in the gui press the R shoulder button and you will be able to change the drive ;)
31/03/2013 15:17 UTC
Looks like the drive Z: is no longer in the path. PATH is actually E:\, while I think it should be PATH=E:\;Z:\
31/03/2013 15:13 UTC
Thank you for the update, but the MOUNT command seems not to be available in V9. Several games that mount a folder as a drive are no longer working, while they ran perfectly in v8. Could you please restore the MOUNT command?
31/03/2013 12:31 UTC
oh! i've discovered the 'dn' command (dos navigator) that can help to launch a game without editing the 01.bat files. that is great :o
30/03/2013 19:34 UTC
Finally easier to use for me!! 5/5..Thank you for your efforts.
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