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Added:Jun 19, 2017
Updated:Jul 30, 2017
Package Author: ptitSeb
FreeGish, a physics based arcade game.
This engine cames with it's own data (freegish levels), but if you own the Full GISH game, it can also run with those datas (that are also much more complete).
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Additional Info
Here is FreeGish, a physics based arcade game.

This version of Gish used gl4es and has all lightning effect. It comes with the "FreeGish" dataset, but it can also used the full Gish data. You will have a question at first launch if you want to extract FreeGish data if no data are found. To use Gish data, you need to all the folder (like "music", "animation", etc.) from a full install to appdata/freegish (or put gish_1.6.1_all.tar.gz for automatic extraction).
Gamma is forced to 1.8 at start. If you don't like this setting, create a file named ".gamma" in appdata/freegish containing the desired gamma value.

If you find the game to slow to your taste (because of the lightning effect), you can still use pickle version that may run faster.

You can find a video of the gameplay with the FreeGish data on a gigahertz Pandora from Ingoreis here: https://youtu.be/ululF_KCYuo

Keymap has been adapted to Pandora, with:
Dpad: move
{A}: Soft
{Y}: Heavy
{X}: Jump
{B}: Spyke

History log
Build 03
* Removed borders and changed Zom factor (thanks to EXL for the patch)
* Screenshots not updated

Build 02
* Optimized renderer for gl4es

Build 01
* Initial build
* Keymap adapted to Pandora
* Forced fullscreen

On a side note, Gish has been ported to Android by EXL using gl4es: http://exlmoto.ru/gish-droid/ and sources here: https://github.com/EXL/Gish
Preview Pics
06/08/2017 14:34 UTC
ok, seems you can eat the floor, jump, stick, slick... but I struggle to jump over things... Beautiful Goth music.
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