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Added:May 2, 2014
Updated:May 2, 2014
Package Author: ptitSeb
FreeSiege: a tetris like war game
FreeSiege is a project that aim to port the Siege game from Fallen Angels industries. This is a great game (I played long hours on it) but sadly it isn't available under Linux since it was developped by commercial company. Sources from the orginal games aren't available. FreeSiege will strive to become a great reimplementation of a great game.

Game experience should provide a intense 2D tetris-like war game experience with a strategic game flavour. It allows one player vs computer and two players games. The interface can be split into two part:

The upper part of the screen is the board itself. It is divided in two 5 by 6 grids of tokens called elements (one for each player / computer). Elements can be of any of the four Elemental types (Defense, Attack, Fire and Magic). The player controls a cursor using keyboard arrows which allow the player to swap to elements on the grid. Swapping elements is an important part of the game since it is the way to create patterns to create fighting units in the lower part (ie. two neighboring attack tokens create a soldier, a big combinaison using fire and magic creates a dragon, ...). The bigger the combinaison are, the more powerful the created units are.
The lower part of the screen is the strategic part. Two castles, representing the players, are disposed at the left and right of the screen. Units created by combinations spawn at the player's castle and start to rush towards the ennemy castle. When they meet other units on their way they fight each other using a simple health-attack-defense scheme. If a unit manage to reach the oppenent castle, it heavily damages to it. The first player to devastate his opponent's castle wins the game. This part of the game is quite strategic because each kind of unit has it own particularity. For example, when a simple soldier, fast to create, but with low health and medium defense/attack, fight a big, slow and difficult to create unit (eg. dragon or golem) or a ranged unit, the end is quite predictable. But since the soldier is very fast to create, you can create a big bunch of those to fight a big unit, making the outcome of the fight uncertain. The combinaisons and units are very well balanced, making the game very intense and struggling.

Freesiege intents to provide an intense strategic-board game experience.
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Additional Info
Here is FreeSiege, an opensource clone of Siege.

The game feature a "Survival mode" for a 1 player game, but it's more oriented for 2 player, so the I fixed a keymap oriented for 2 player. Go in the options screen to change mapping if you don't like the default one:

Player 1:
Move: DPad
Select: s
Swap: s
Validate: d

Player 2:
Move: 4-Buttons
Select: j
Swap: j
Validate: k

History log
Build 01
* Initial release
* Some Pandora customisation (screen, keymap)

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/topic/16233-freesiege/
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12/05/2014 06:46 UTC
Flawless port, but the game is too hectic to me. Though I can see how it would have been fun to play against my friends when I was younger:-)
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