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 FreeSpace 2 DemoreleaseBack
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Filesize:60.79 Mb
Added:Jul 3, 2013
Updated:Sep 4, 2016
Package Author: ptitSeb
FreeSpace 2 Demo.

FreeSpace 2 is a sequel to Descent: FreeSpace, covering a period 32 years after the time of the original game. This time the Vasudans and the Terrans have licked their wounds and reached a tentative peace. The two are working together to repair the destruction left by the war with the Shivans. However, a rebellion forces the allies to the edges of their territory, where they encounter the Shivans once again.
The plot also delves into the realms of the Ancients, a lost race tied to the Shivans. In FreeSpace 2, scientists discover a map of the Ancients' dominion with locations of previously undiscovered jump nodes that provide instant transit to distant star systems. Several ships enter those portals, but one does not return.
The game features stunning real-time in-nebula missions with sensor interference and electrical storms; ship battles that include new beam weapons and antifighter flak cannons; 12 new ship classes, including the Corvette-class capital ships; two single-player missions, plus one training mission; two multiplayer missions, including the new 12-player Dogfight mode.
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Additional Info
There are some glitches in some menu (mainly on Yes/No confirmation dialog). Default controls are setup for the Pandora, with mouse controls.

The Demo feature an advanced level inside a nebula (beside a skipable training), with lots of action, big ship, and many fighter. It's not an original level, but will give you a good taste of what Freespace 2 can be.

This port is Hardware accelerated, using OpenGLES1

History log
Build 07
* Fixed mouse buttons issues
* Default config is now the Pandora one
* Fixed a potential segfault
* Added script to automatically extract GoG data from setup exe
* Demo Build version is synch with Full pnd

Build 03
* Fixed file rights.
* Fixed the executable.

Build 02
* Added option to Not have mouse button on Shoulder: create a .noshouldermb file in apdata/freespace2
* Compatible with latest Video Drivers
* Removed menu to select nub configuration
* Nub config is now driven by the left_nub and right_nub files
* Mouse button hardwired to Right & Left Shoulders
* Nub as Joystick is now usable as Z & Rx axis (to Throttle and Rotate)
* Rompiled the code, should be a bit faster.

Build 01
* Initial release

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/index.php/topic/13380-freespace-2/
Preview Pics
24/06/2014 19:22 UTC
Thanks for another great game.
03/07/2013 13:00 UTC
Just stellar...5-/5 Can inversion be altered w/nubs or is it me?
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