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 FreeSpace DemoreleaseBack
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Added:Jul 2, 2013
Updated:Sep 4, 2016
Package Author: ptitSeb
FreeSpace Demo.

Descent: FreeSpace--The Great War promises a detailed and dynamic universe, taking space combat sims to new levels of action and realism. You run three missions in a minicampaign using four Terran ship classes, including GTF Apollo Fighter, GTC Fenris Cruiser, GTT Elysium Transport, and GTS Centaur support craft. Your weapons include heat- and aspect-seeking missiles--perfect for blasting aliens out of the sky. You can communicate with voice or text messages to other players in your squad, as well as locate them visually through your peripheral view, which you can access through the fully configurable HUD display. The game also features action-driven digital music, full briefings, and voice debriefings.
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Additional Info
There are still some glitches in some menu (mainly in Yes/No confirmation dialog).

Here is a video by Ingoreis of the gameplay on the Pandora: http://youtu.be/CRaSMy4CjbI

This port is Hardware accelerated, using OpenGLES1

History log
Build 07
* Fixed mouse buttons issues
* Default config is now the Pandora one
* Fixed a potential segfault
* Added script to automatically extract GoG data from setup exe
* Build version is now in synch with full pnd.

Build 03
* Fixed file rights.
* Fixed the executable.

Build 02
* Added option to Not have mouse button on Shoulder: create a .noshouldermb file in apdata/freespace2
* Compatible with latest Video Drivers
* Removed menu to select nub configuration
* Nub config is now driven by the left_nub and right_nub files
* Mouse button hardwired to Right & Left Shoulders
* Nub as Joystick is now usable as Z & Rx axis (to Throttle and Rotate)
* Rompiled the code, should be a bit faster.

Build 01
* Initial release

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/index.php/topic/13381-freespace-the-great-war/
Preview Pics
24/06/2014 19:19 UTC
I haven't been able to play much, but I like what I have experienced so far.
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