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Added:Mar 31, 2011
Updated:Mar 31, 2011
Package Author: sebt3
GNOME Games is a collection of sixteen small five-minute games in a variety of styles and genres.
Aisleriot: A compilation of over eighty different solitaire card games. Everything from favorites like Freecell and Klondike through to the hopelessly pointless Clock Patience
Mahjongg: A tile-based solitaire game with an oriental flavor. Remove tiles in matching pairs to dismantle elaborately designed stacks.
Mines: The popular logic puzzle minesweeper. Find mines on a grid using hints from squares you have already cleared.
Nibbles: Pilot a worm around a maze trying to collect diamonds and at the same time avoiding the walls and yourself. With each diamond your worm grows longer and navigation becomes more and more difficult. Playable by up to four people.
Five or more: Move balls around the grid and try and form lines. Once you form five in a row, the line disappears. Unfortunately more balls keep dropping in.
Robots: The classic game where you have to avoid a hoard of robots who are trying to kill you. Each step you take brings them closer toward you. Fortunately they aren't very smart and you also have a helpful teleportation gadget.
Gnometris: The Russian game of falling geometric shapes. Need I say more ?
Tali: Sort of poker with dice and less money. An ancient Roman game, this variant is similar to Yahtzee ®.
Iagno: The GNOME version of Reversi. The goal is to control the most disks on the board.
Tetravex: A puzzle game where you have to match a grid of tiles together. The skill level ranges from the simple two by two up to the seriously mind-bending six by six grid.
Klotski: A series of sliding block puzzles. Try and solve them in the least number of moves.
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Package Contents (14) (hide/show)
19/02/2013 14:26 UTC
i haven't found "gnometris". has it been removed from the package?
11/10/2011 23:41 UTC
Nibbles: Also known as "Snake" game (on early Nokia B/W phones) - Game speed is very slow even on maximum speed setting ("Finger twitching good") with only 1 AI opponent.
11/10/2011 20:32 UTC
@sebt3: Won't file it (yet), as there are higher priority fixes in the queue. Maybe one day later.
10/10/2011 21:15 UTC
@porg :I would love too. In fact, the PXML file is correctly set : each app have their own icon set (thanks to the originals .desktop files)But the PND system only support the icon on the package and use this one for all the apps (as per performance needs) feel as a bug on the pandora bug tracker
10/10/2011 20:51 UTC
Could you please equip the PND package with one icon per sub-application? This would aid quicker recognition for launching. I think the icon resources must be available from the original games.
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