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 Hatari SLbetaBack
Filesize:3.98 Mb
Added:Jan 8, 2019
Updated:Jan 15, 2019
Package Author: SLiX
Hatari is an Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon emulator for GNU/Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, Windows and other systems which are supported by the SDL library.
This Pandora port can use the "OMAP" SDL video driver (by Notaz) to get double buffering, vsync and hardware scaling in fullscreen.
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Additional Info
* When using OMAP SDL video driver:
--- Hardware scaling is enabled only in ST Low resolution (320x200) with or without borders
--- F11 is used to change hardware scaling modes (instead of switching windowed/fullscreen modes)
--- You should set "Frame skip = 0" to get best results with vsync if game/demo runs at 50/60 FPS
--- It's fullscreen only
* Like Magicsam port, this package contains EmuTOS
* Actually, With OMAP SDL video driver and ST low/medium resolutions, vsync is always enabled

Known issues:
* When using OMAP SDL video driver:
--- Small glitches with cursor in configuration UI
--- In emulated system, sometimes, mouse cannot be moved in some direction. You need to move it to the opposite border, then move it where you initially wanted to go. (This seems to come from the OMAP SDL video driver not supporting mouse relative mode).
* In emulated system, touch screen events are not at the right coordinates.

Changelog: https://gitlab.com/slienard/pandora-hatari/blob/master/changelog.md
Thread: https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/hatari-with-omap-sdl-video-driver.83505/
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