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Added:Dec 30, 2015
Updated:Apr 27, 2018
Package Author: ptitSeb

Hedgewars is a turn based strategy, artillery, action and comedy game, featuring the antics of pink hedgehogs with attitude as they battle from the depths of hell to the depths of space.

As commander, it's your job to assemble your crack team of hedgehog soldiers and bring the war to your enemy.

Game Features

* Hilarious and strategic turn based combat for up to 8 players
* Both local and network multiplayer, with optional AI opponents
* Battle on an infinite number of randomly generated maps with over 31 environments, or choose from 48 set image maps
* Utilise 55 (and counting) devastating weapons! Defeat your foes with simple weapons like Grenades or take it to the next level and trash entire landscapes with weapons * like the Melon Bomb or Piano Strike
* Play the game your way, with 25 different game modifiers, tweak almost every aspect of the match
* Customize your team, with over 280 costumes, 32 graves, 13 forts, 100s of flags and unique voice packs
* Huge battles with up to 48 hogs
* Play both singleplayer and multiplayer minigames
* If that's not enough, you can download tons community content packs straight through the game or even plugin your own custom maps, costumes, and other artwork
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Additional Info
Here is hedgewars, the tactival game where you blow up the other hedgehogs team.

The game use gl4es for the gamepart, and Qt4 (with GLES2) for the frontend. I needed to resized a few elements to make it fit the small Pandora screen for the frontend, I haven't tested extensively, but it seems everythings fit the screen correctly now.

History log
Build 04
* Update to latest sources (0.9.24-1)

Build 03
* Update to latest sources
* Update libs
* Switched to gl4es

Build 02
* Fixed {X}/{Y} that was not correctly assignable (in fact Page up and Page down)

Build 01
* Initial build
* Some FrontEnd resizing to make it fit the 800x480 screen res
* Forced fullscreen.

A thread is open here: https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/hedgewars.76780/
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