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Added:Oct 14, 2016
Updated:Nov 8, 2016
Package Author: Magic Sam
Inferno(R) is a compact operating system designed for building distributed and networked systems on a wide variety of devices and platforms. With many advanced and unique features, Inferno puts an unrivalled set of tools into your hands.
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Additional Info

New in build #4

- Updated sources (latest commits from November the 6th)
- Charon is now working !
- Compiled "emu" with "-g" flag for easier debugging
- Added a new screenshot featuring the Web browser

New in build #3

- Rebuilt with ptitSeb 's latest beta Code::Blocks + default CFLAGS
- Better documentation from Vita Nuova
- Actual screenshots from the Pandora port
- Removed the ability to log in as $USER, prefer "inferno" instead
- Fixed file permission issues as "inferno" (chmod -R o+w and umask 0000 on /usr/inferno)

New in build #2

- Timezone can be set correctly (locale directory is on appdata/inferno-magicsam now)
- /usr/$USER is created on first boot (/usr/inferno is used as a template)
- As a result, one can log into Inferno with his/her regular credentials
- New "emu" options: -s for easier debugging and -S for stylus imput behaviour for Tk mouse events

New in build #1

- Inferno 4th edition from March 2015 + latest commits from the Bitbucket repository
- Compiled with @ptitSeb beta Code::Blocks
- Removed the -m32 flag (only for x86 ? ) from the compilation options
- Had to symlink gcc to arm-gcc
- Made some directories available on appdata/inferno-magicsam to the "inferno" user
- Source is inside the package

Release thread: https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/inferno-operating-system.78360/
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