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 JRPG - Learn to read JapanesereleaseBack
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Filesize:29.87 Mb
Added:Apr 21, 2016
Updated:May 1, 2016
Package Author: Jorrit Linnert
A Python jrpg-type game to learn to read Japanese
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Additional Info
First of all:
This is not my game.
The only things I did before publishing this on the repo are:
- tweaked the colours of the text so that it is visible on the Pandora's screen
- adapted the graphics layout to the OpenPandora's screen (see below)
- added the appdirs library missing from Zaxxon OS
- merged this text with the original readme.
- packaged this into a pnd.
That's it.

Why should you get this?:
- Learning Japanese in context, rather than through separate words.
- 41 MB of pure text as a source for this game (Doumo Arigatou Tanaka-san ^_^ )
- Learn hiragana and katana
- Learn kanji from JLPT levels N5-N2
- Though the main focus is educational, there is still a bit of JRPG gaming involved.

Press F1 for help on the in-game controls

Major upstream bug:
- Some example lines are too long to fit on the screen and are clipped
If someone could help me implement a scrolling lower screen with two button bindings to scroll left and right, I'd be very grateful indeed. I am learning Pygame now in order to make the message view scrollable but I could still use some help.
(my e-mail address is mentioned in the pnd). It would also be a great way for me to properly say " Thank You!" to the awesome work of both Tomasz Wegrzanowski and Tanaka-san.
Small imperfection:
- Most of the example lines in the Tanaka text corpus have no complete translation
I welcome helpful criticism. I like to learn and I want this app to be as helpful and fun as possible.
Preview Pics
01/05/2016 01:55 UTC
New in version - Adapted the display size to that of the physical size of the OpenPandora's screen - Merged the README on the PND with that of the actual game within it, clearly marking the boundaries between those README's.
23/04/2016 20:16 UTC
@Eight_Bit: Just type in the romaji equivalent and press space. if you get it wrong, your character will loose 1 hp, but the proper romaji pronuciation is shown so you can try again when it shows up again. Heal at the hospital a screen to the left of the start position.
23/04/2016 15:55 UTC
lol, too advanced for me, i don't know what to do when the floating japanese characters appear
21/04/2016 00:54 UTC
Note: since I have changed the AppID to something less silly, an update from the previous version is not possible by normal means. Sorry about the inconvenience to the 22 people that have downloaded that. I have deleted the previous version to prevent new downloaders to run into this issue
21/04/2016 00:49 UTC
- Tested on Pandora 1GHz New in version - example is coloured orange instead of yellow in previous version - screenshots are included - package documentation has been improved.
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