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Added:Oct 20, 2015
Updated:Oct 20, 2015
Package Author: ptitSeb
You are cute fluffy little bunnies and hop on the other bunnies' heads.

At the beginning you are in the menu, where you have to jump over the tree trunk if you want to play and walk right. Then you'll enter the arena. The aim is to jump on the other bunnies' heads...

a,w,d to steer Dott
DPad to steer Jiffy
j,i,l to steer Fizz
(A)(Y)(B) to steer Mijji

and press 1, 2, 3 or 4 in game to activate AI for character 1..4
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Additional Info
Here is Jump'n'Bump a freeware game, ported from DOS.

The game is an 2D arena-style game, were you have to jump on the head of the other. It can be played with up to 4 player. This version implement some AI (that are activated in game with 1-4).

So to play a 1 on 1 against AI, use DPad to move a rabbit to the right of the large tree on the ground, and use ABY to move another rabbit, and go out of the screen (with either one). Then, you are in the arena, press "4" (because ABY is 4th player) to activate AI for the other rabbit...
a, w, d and j, i, l are the key for the other 2 rabbits.

History log
build 01
* Initial build
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28/10/2015 08:06 UTC
@ejianjo: yeah, AI is pretty basic and young. Not sure there is a simple way to fix that issue.
28/10/2015 01:12 UTC
Fun game but the AI has serious issues: if you both go in the water at the bottom left hand corner of the screen the Ai keeps pushing you and you cannot get out without quitting the current game.
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