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 LXDE InstallerreleaseBack
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Filesize:52.84 kB
Added:May 12, 2012
Updated:May 24, 2012
Package Author: StreaK
Small application for installing a LXDE along with XFCE and MiniMenu
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Additional Info
DONATE to 4th Floor Development [ http://4thfloor-donate.bbs.pl/ ] if you want to to see more updates / ports and ORIGINAL EXCLUSIVE APPS for OPENPANDORA [like OpenPandora BookShelf / Inside The Box - PND E-Zine / Babypanda WebBrowser / EX Launcher / Computer Chronicles Lives / CLI Love and more.. ]

Working wifi / internet connection on Pandora is required to use LXDE Installer..

Please report any bugs and/or feat. requests HERE:

Why use LXDE instead of XFCE:
- Much faster
- More responsive [MAIN MENU, etc..]
- No overbloated like XFCE
- Smaller than XFCE
- Better designed than XFCE
- Looks better on pandora small screen
- LXTaskmanager is better than XFCE one [smaller, faster..]
- LXTerminal is better than XFCE one [where you can't use proper F10 key]
- LXDE is less resource/memory hungry than XFCE [excellent for Pandora 1st batch, with less RAM]
- Touchscreen seems to be more responsive on LXDE than XFCE [tested on super zaxxon beta 3]

..and finally, you need to test it for yourself to choose best windows manager for Your openpandora :)

Video from perfectly working LXDE on OpenPandora: https://vimeo.com/42763000
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24/05/2012 10:27 UTC
bismouth: "I made some settings changes" what kind of settings you changed? Are you using official gui way to change, or you just started with messing with config files using text editor?
24/05/2012 10:26 UTC
bismouth: are you talking about app stability [LXDE Installer] or LXDE itself? So why i should label it Alpha if it works [LXDE Installer]? Other than that, im using LXDE from sept'2011 and i didnt have any single crash or anything releated to that using LXDE as a main windows manager.
24/05/2012 09:42 UTC
This should be labeled as alpha or maybe beta, not release.
24/05/2012 09:42 UTC
Very unstable, I made some settings changes and it caused the LXDE taskbar to appear when booting into XFCE. I have no recourse but to reflash again. Other issues with the menu categories and taskbar icons. On the upside it is faster as claimed, but faster is pointless if you can't have stability.
24/05/2012 09:30 UTC
Could those two, who rated this so badly please comment why? I tried it and it does what is said there, but maybe there is something wrong with it? Does it write to Nand or what is the problem. If you did only rate it down because it is from streak then please refrain from rating that is so stupid.
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