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Added:Jul 31, 2013
Updated:Aug 9, 2013
Package Author: MarkW
GNU Backgammon is for playing and analysing backgammon positions, games and matches. The decision engine is neural net based. I've played it a few times, and apart from the usual suspicion about the odd convenient dice throw it seems a very competent and fair player.

I have set this pnd up so that a slightly optimised screeen loyout is copied across to the appdatadir upon initial start. The toolbar can be hidden or switched to text only mode using the View | Toolbar menu option. Unfortunately this setting does not appear to be sticky. I have not provided a facility for access to the command line version in this pnd but if someone wants that, please shout.

I have rolled a copy of Dillo into this pnd to provide access to the internal help system. If you want to learn how to play Backgammon, I have included an e-book on Backgammon (by Stephan Gueth) in the root of the pnd in PDF format.

More than 20 2D board designs are included, and you can import your own (apparently, but I've not tested this). This port DOES NOT provide support for 3D baords though.

GNU Backgammon can be used as a human v human board or you can play against the neural net. You can even take over GNU Backgammon's side part the way through a match and play its position if you think you are in a pickle. Hints and lookahead are also available. Partially played matches can also be setup. GNU Backgammon can evaluate positions and entire matches - oh, and it'll do the scoring for you so you can see by how much you lost - again! So, if you want Backgammon on the Open Pandora - this is the pnd for you.
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Additional Info
V No longer creates a symlink in NAND. To upgrade, simply delete the symlink that would have been created in your home directory by previous versions (.gnubg). GNU Backgammon will now automatically look to appdata for its configuration files (which will be created on its first launch).
Preview Pics
09/08/2013 07:38 UTC
V uploaded - no longer writes to NAND.
31/07/2013 15:05 UTC
V uploaded - fixed potential permissions issue with configuration files.
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