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 Mini Slug ProjectreleaseBack
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Added:Jan 17, 2013
Updated:Oct 30, 2014
Package Author: ptitSeb
Mini Slug Project.
by Clement CORDE

All graphical content (c) Nazca Corp., SNK and PlayMore.

Using rips by (in no particular order): Gussprint, The Mad Soldier, Random Rebel Soldier, C2000MC/Futaokuu, Random Talking Bush, Kevin Huff, Grey Wolf Leader, Goemar, Magma Dragoon, AzRaezel/Dan, The_Protagonist, Tk big_mickey_k, Grim, @$$h0l3 (what a nickname is that!?), Crazy Slug, Xezan... and some 'unsigned' rips. Hope I'm not forgetting anyone.

Now with music, using ST-Sound by Arnaud CARRE a.k.a Leonard/Oxygene (http://leonard.oxg.free.fr).

> Controls:

- On the main menu, F1 to switch: 1 credit / 3 credits / infinite credits. Attention though, this doesn't work ingame on purpose.

- Up, down, left, right: Move.
- Button B: Shot.
- Button X: Jump.
- Button Y: Bomb.
- Down + Button X to exit a vehicle.

Press "Start" in-game to bring a Menu to pause/quit game.

Using F9/F10 switches betwen different video modes, but using Notaz highly acclerated SDL, you won't see many differences.

And now featuring Compo4All. Normal version still (without C4A) also inside PND.
*** Please note: You must have defined your profile with Compo4all Mame first ! ***
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Additional Info
The Mini Slug Project

It's a tribute to the Metal Slug Serie from Clément CORDE.

It is a game composed of 3 Missions (each mission divided into a number of levels). The first mission is similar to the serie, then it forks and offers some refreshing gameplay (find the submarine in mission two if you can!). But first mission alone will not be easy to complete !

History log
* Improved C4A using newest fusilli client: only best scores of the session will be send

* Updated Fusilli client from Ziz, with fixed cached upload for large cache

* Using Fusilli client from Ziz, with cached upload

* Added C4A executable
* Note that you must have created a C4A Profile with Compo4All Mame first
* No error message for now, all failure to upload score will be silent.
* No Hiscore reading within the app, you must go to website to see leaderboard.


* Corrected the nomusic executable (thanks Clément).


* Added Setup so you can redefine Controls, disable/enable Music or Switch Aspect ratio between Normal and Fullscreen (Anamorphic)
* Activated VSync

v2.0.0.03 and ealier, see main thread

Here is a nive video from Ingoreis of the Gameplay on Pandora (version without the music): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paIYMpkXgsQ

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/index.php/topic/11655-the-mini-slug-project/
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01/03/2013 22:48 UTC
Amazing how this has been done. Thank you.
30/01/2013 12:07 UTC
Very polished game with great graphics and different interesting vehicles. Very hard though, so good to have infinite credits :). Feature request: option to save the game at some points (at least between missions).
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