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 My Little InvestigationsreleaseBack
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Filesize:273.7 Mb
Added:Oct 7, 2015
Updated:Oct 10, 2015
Package Author: ptitSeb
My Little Investigations is a video game featuring the characters and settings from the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and featuring gameplay inspired by the video game Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. Within the game, players play as Twilight Sparkle, who plays the part of an crime-solving investigator in Equestria. During the course of the game, she must investigate crime scenes for evidence, question and interrogate ponies who either were witnesses or otherwise know something relevant to the crime, and ultimately confront the culprit and prove that that pony did it.
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Additional Info
Here is My Little Investigations, an OpenSource adventure game featuring characters from the TV Show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

The games use glshim (with SDL2), and is of Commercial Quality (graphics, animation, voice acting!), reminiscent of game like Ace Attorney on the DS (but with a much higher res here).

/!\ You will need a Swapfile for this game (for all models, or you will get crash at loading on some screen). /!\

History log
Build 02
* Some more movies resized
* Fixed some graphical bugs
* More downsampling of textures (you will notice some pixelated textures)

Build 01
* Initial build
* Movies resized
* Pandora optimisations / customisation

A thread is open here: https://boards.openpandora.org/topic/5600108-my-little-investigations/
Preview Pics
28/10/2015 08:21 UTC
Thanks PtitSeb. Can you disable the screensaver when starting the game ? Is there a way to do that? As for the out of memory issue, it's strange since i was using a 1.5 gig swapfile.
28/10/2015 08:05 UTC
@ekianjo: the Screensaver is a general issue with GL game, I'll try to find something. For the freeze, "killed" most probably mean out of memory issue. I'll take a look at the profiles see if something is wrong.
28/10/2015 00:50 UTC
I had a freeze despite the swap file when looking at the profiles. PND out reports Line 51: 2754 Killed as the end error. Any idea what could be causing this?
27/10/2015 14:17 UTC
Excellent port and excellent production values for a fan game! One bug to report: if I let the screensaver take over, the screen remains black no matter what and i have to hard reset the Pandora.
27/10/2015 06:33 UTC
@ekianjo: no, no Wine here, I use the Linux port (but I had to use a Windows machine to run the game and get it updated to latest data file).
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