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Added:Apr 21, 2015
Updated:Jul 30, 2015
Package Author: notaz
Diablo is an action role-playing hack and slash video game.

This is statically recompiled Windows executable, that was recompiled to ARM and bundled with ARM version of wine.

Data files from original full game are required, here's how to prepare them:
1. Install the game on PC.
2. Still on PC, apply the official 1.0.9 patch (drtl109.exe).
3. Copy Patch_rt.mpq from the game's folder on PC to pandora/appdata/diablo folder of SD card.
4. Copy diabdat.mpq from the Diablo CD to pandora/appdata/diablo folder of SD card.
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Additional Info
If you don't have the game CD, there is a shareware (demo) version here:

Tapping the screen while holding left shoulder button acts as rightclick.

changes in r2:
- wine updates from jazz2 project:
-- optimizations, reduced wineserver CPU usage
-- reduced audio latency
- added a launcher with some options. If you don't want to change anything, just press enter or space to launch the game.
- control key (select/right shoulder) now acts as shift too
- added optional fullscreen scaling
- some minor ingame bugs fixed (menu is still somewhat broken though)
22/04/2015 20:17 UTC
...mouse coordinates seem slightly off (most noticable when moving items in the inventory); shift clicking not easy when using the nubs (perhaps have right shoulder act as shift?); mouse over for the Char and Spells buttons have man
22/04/2015 20:15 UTC
Great port! Setup is trivial and the touch controls work nicely. Perhaps worth to mention in the PXML that left shoulder is right click modifier. I've noticed only very minor problems so far...
22/04/2015 18:19 UTC
yay! now I can use my legal copy and play the game as intended... sort of. used to play diablo for psx before, but it's just not the same. thanks notaz! If I had the money, I'd build a shrine for you and ptitseb ^^
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