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Added:Apr 7, 2012
Updated:Nov 14, 2013
Package Author: nuhrin
Pandafe is a sort of "universal" SDL frontend for Pandora games and emulators.

It was written especially for the Pandora, with the following goals:
* browse and run all roms and games from a single program
* specify commandline options for each game via a menu
* be fully configurable and extendable via the program itself
* use only dpad and buttons to do all this (no touching, heh)
* persist data via yaml, for human reading/writing/sharing
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Additional Info
* Interaction design & testing by Stefan Nowak (porg)

Changes in 0.3.0
* add category view
* use single list for platform view
* game rom management: rename, change category, delete
* game app management: rename, change category, edit ovr, delete pnd
* add terminal/file manager commands to various context menus
* add appearance presets
* much more extensive appearance configuration
* bug fixes and interface tweaks

Changes in 0.2.2:
* make list filtering dynamic (update while typing)
* add Nintendo DS / DraStic
* auto assign platform to next known program if preferred program not installed
* update rom path chooser to remember most recent path (if default not set)
* bug fixes

Changes in 0.2.1:
* fix some nasty memory leaks
* improve startup time
* GuiInstaller: show a message and offer gui switch if Pandafe is not found
* some new/updated Platforms/Programs, by request
* bug fixes

Uploads with build versions (0.3.0.x-xxxx) contain bug fixes. See github for details:

Please direct feedback to github or to:
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04/07/2012 17:37 UTC
I really like Pandafe! Great to have a unified launcher for all games, for all emulators and of course Pandora apps. It works fine, but please continue development! Some feature requests: blend in Yoshi's cheat sheets in some way, add more platforms (e.g. C64), don't put Playstation in "Other"
09/04/2012 18:51 UTC
The new build does in fact work with both HF7 and SuperZaxxon. I confirmed both late last week and am currently running SuperZaxxon Beta 2 myself, (from pandora/apps on a fat32 formatted card). Please see http://boards.openpandora.org/index.php?/topic/7794-rebirth-comp-pandafe//
08/04/2012 07:39 UTC
Found something interesting, when I run pandafe from: /pandora/apps (hf6 and hf7) or /usr/pandora/apps (superzaxxon) then it works, when I run it from my fat formated SDHC card /pandora/apps/ it won't run I don't know why I think it has something to do with security rights strange..
07/04/2012 17:44 UTC
Pandafe works with HF6 but not with HF7 beta1 and Superzaxxon can you fix this. I would love to see it running on superzaxxon grtz
07/04/2012 04:26 UTC
This is an updated version of the rebirth competition entry. It contains a critical bug fix which allows it to work with HF6 and greater (I have been a late adopter).
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