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 Pale MoonreleaseBack
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Added:Dec 11, 2014
Updated:Mar 17, 2018
Package Author: ptitSeb
Pale Moon: Your browser, Your way

Pale Moon is an Open Source, Firefox-based web browser available for Microsoft Windows, Android and Linux (with other operating systems in development), focusing on efficiency and ease of use. Make sure to get the most out of your browser!

Pale Moon offers you a browsing experience in a browser completely built from its own source with carefully selected features and optimizations to maximize the browser's speed*, stability and user experience, while maintaining compatibility with thousands of Firefox extensions many have come to love and rely on.

Main features:
* Optimized for modern processors
* Safe: forked from Firefox and regularly updated.
* Supported by a friendly, active community of users
* Familiar, efficient, fully customizable interface (no Australis!)
* Smooth and speedy page drawing and script processing
* Increased stability: experience fewer browser crashes
* Support for many Firefox extensions (add-ons) and themes
* New: support for Pale Moon exclusive extensions and themes
* Extensive and growing support for HTML5 and CSS3
* Many customization and configuration options
* Able to import existing Firefox profiles with the migration tool

This browser, even though close to its sibling Mozilla Firefox in the way it works, offers a different set of features. For example, if you need specialized accessibility features or integration of Windows' parental controls, then Pale Moon may not be a good browser choice for you.

With the current generation of Gecko-based browsers, there are other differences between Pale Moon and Firefox that are more obvious and not just "under the hood": contrary to what Mozilla has done with their redesign of the user interface, Pale Moon will continue to provide a familiar set of controls and visual feedback similar to previous versions, including grouped navigation buttons of a decent size, a bookmarks toolbar that is enabled by default, tabs next to page content by default (easily switchable) and not in the least a functional status bar and more freedom in customization, to name a few things.
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Additional Info
Here is Pale Moon, a browser based on Firefox, but removing less used function to gain as much speed as possible.

You will need a recent version of the Firmware for it to work (like 1.62RC minimum).

History log
Build 33
* Update to 27.8.1 sources

Build 32
* Update to 27.7.2 sources

Build 31
* Update to 27.7.1 sources

Build 30
* Repackage with more libs

Build 29
* Update to 27.3.0 sources

Build 28
* Update to 27.2.1 sources

Build 27
* Update to 26.4.1 sources

Build 26
Update to sources

Build 25
* Update to 26.3.3 sources

Build 24
* Update to 26.2.1 sources

Build 23
* Update to 26.1.1 sources

Build 22
* Update to 26.1.0 sources

Build 21
* Update to 26.0.2 sources

Build 20
* Fresh compile with gcc 5.3.0 (still 25.8.1 sources)

Build 19
* Update to 25.8.1 sources

Build 18
* Update to 25.8 sources

Build 17
* Update to 25.7.3 sources

Build 16
* Update to 25.7.2 sources

Build 15 and earlier: see main thread

A thread is open here: https://boards.openpandora.org/topic/17467-pale-moon/

Pale Moon is featured on Pandoralive: http://pandoralive.info/?p=4396

Source code is here: http://ptitseb.openpandora.org/palemoon.tgz and the diff over official git is here: http://ptitseb.openpandora.org/palemoon_pandora.diff
Preview Pics
30/01/2019 09:06 UTC
Powerful and fast, very helpful ! Many thanks you serial porter, what could I do with my pandora without you ? :)
01/03/2016 22:07 UTC
Memory consumption seems significantly reduced with the latest builds. Very nice, thanks!
18/04/2015 06:47 UTC
an other must have application, before this browser were either too limited or too heavy, with this great browser i'm starting to browse the web again...
14/01/2015 13:28 UTC
THIS is browser of choice for me too now! Thanks!
18/12/2014 15:50 UTC
using it now as standard, very nice
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