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Added:Aug 24, 2013
Updated:Jul 10, 2014
Package Author: dimag0g
A tool to configure your pandora before running specific PNDs via PND_pre_script.sh and PND_post_script.sh
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Additional Info
Did you know that you can customize PND applications you run by creating bash scripts which run before and after the application? PNDconfig is supposed to make this powerful config option user-friendly. You can configure pre- and post-scripts by selecting actions to be performed from a list.

To get you started, I share configurations which I use on my Pandora. You can quickly apply those to your PNDs and see the results. Then you can customize the configuration of each PND to suit your needs.

Forum thread: http://boards.openpandora.org/index.php/topic/14338-pndconfig-qa-and-suggestions/

This is a beta which adds several untested features (like increasing battery charge current, spoofing MAC address of wifi module and removing orhpaned appdata entries), however, I feel I should release it now because it fixes several critical bugs. Seriously, the old version had the pre/post scripts executed when you open PND docs instead of applications, and would overvrite scripts in similarly named appdata folders (like tor and torcs), yet nobody complained in months! Do you people use it at all, or do you download it just because it's small and kinda cool to have?

Note: when you upgrade, PNDconfig keeps all your configurations intact. As more action scripts are included with each release, default configurations are updated to include them. To see these updates, you should "Remove all PND configs", and then "Apply default configs". Your changes to default settings will however be lost.
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02/09/2013 08:18 UTC
pokeparadox, I used the lid close script while running System Info, and I could not see any change in CPU clock. I also saw several programs slow down on LCD shutdown, while others worked fine. My suggestion is to use the brightness script with these programs (namely gpSP)
01/09/2013 18:19 UTC
I'm not sure of the value but on some programs the lid close script causes slowdown...so this is why I think it downclocks. And yes it also happens on lid close. Maybe there is a setting that can be changed..
30/08/2013 08:10 UTC
pokeparadox, what value does your pandora actually gets clocked down to? Does this also happen when you close the lid?
27/08/2013 15:03 UTC
Issue with S-Video will be fixed in the next release (expected this Saturday)
26/08/2013 17:35 UTC
Additionally the lid close script clocks down the pandora too, so it can cause slow, for example, in gpsp
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