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Added:Apr 11, 2015
Updated:Jul 20, 2015
Package Author: ptitSeb
PX68k is a Sharp X68000 emulator.

This Pandora version uses GLES support for screen scaling, with Streaming Texture (to have good speed).

Also, the JoyKey buttons are redirected to (X) and (B)
Use F12 to open integrated menu
Use F11 to quit (or use SYSTEM from Menu)
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Additional Info
Here is PX68k, a Sharp X68000 Emulator. The X68000 is a Japanese computer, and it feature some awesome arcade conversion (like R-Type, Rygar, Gradius...).

The code has been slightly modified (diff sources in the PND). It use GLES 1.1 for the display (so it use Hardware scaling), but also use Texture Streaming, to still have maximum speed.

The JoyKey button as been redirected to {X} and {B} Pandora buttons.

Of course, you need ROMS file for the Emu to start. You need 2 files, to be put in appdata/px68k. It's cgrom.dat and one of iplrom.dat, iplromco.dat, iplrom30.dat or iplromxv.dat

This emu is all in Japanese...

Use F11 to quit or F12 for the System Menu.

History log
Build 08
* Fixed Scanlines

Build 07
* Added option (in F12 screen) for (faked) Scanlines
* Added cgrom.dat to the rom package.

Build 06
* Added option (in F12 screen) for Stretched anamorphic display
* Added option to copy iplromxv.dat rom if none is found

Build 05
* Files are sorted with case insentive
* Max files increased from 1000 to 4000
* Speed browse: use Right Shoulder {R} and DPad

Build 04
* The "StartDir" in config file as now an effect in the File selection dialog
* Files are sorted now
* Finetuned default parameters

Build 03 and earlier: see main thread

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/topic/17954-px68k-sharp-x68000-emulator/
Preview Pics
23/04/2015 15:38 UTC
PtitSeb; I confirm that the ROMs for the original system are now public domain: http://mo1do.blog.shinobi.jp/Entry/2439/ so you should be able to include them directly.
23/04/2015 00:12 UTC
A hidden gem! I've never known about Sharp X68000 computer until this port. So many good arcade games. Thanks for another great emulator ptitSeb!
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