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Added:Sep 18, 2012
Updated:Jun 1, 2013
Package Author: lifning
RetroArch is a modular multi-system emulator system that is designed to be fast, lightweight, and portable.
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Additional Info
RetroArch is a modular, multi-platform, multi-system emulator.

Major changes in 0.9.8 -> 0.9.9:
- Replaced Zenity launcher script with PickleLauncher
- New default settings, including using GLES video driver by default
- "RGUI" in-game menu, brought up with spacebar by default
You may need to delete (or move to a backup location) /pandora/appdata/retroarch for the new defaults to take effect.

List of included libretro cores:
NES: FCEU, Nestopia, QuickNES
SNES: PocketSNES, SNES9x-Next, Mednafen
GBC: Gambatte, TGB Dual
GBA: VBA, Meteor, Mednafen
Genesis / Sega CD: Genesis Plus, Picodrive (experimental)
Saturn: Yabause (Very slow!)
Playstation: PCSX-ReARMed, Mednafen
Atari 2600: Stella
Chip8/16: Maxe
Arcade: iMAME4all, Final Burn Alpha
VirtualBoy: Mednafen
Neo Geo Pocket: Mednafen
PC Engine: Mednafen
WonderSwan: Mednafen
Cave Story: NXEngine
Doom: PrBoom
Quake: TyrQuake
PC: DosBox
Misc: ModelViewer+SceneWalker (load OBJ 3D models), libretro-2-joy (uinput virtual gamepad)

Also includes RetroArch-Phoenix configuration/launcher GUI (GTK+2 based).
All the cores and RetroArch itself are all the latest git revisions as of the date posted. DeSmuME is included, although it fails a memory allocation at startup on my 256MB unit, in case it might work on 512MB units.
- RetroArch (github fork for Pandora): https://github.com/lifning/RetroArch
- RetroArch-Phoenix: https://github.com/Themaister/RetroArch-Phoenix
- Emulator cores: https://github.com/libretro/
Preview Pics
17/12/2014 00:57 UTC
Lifning, is there a way to RetroArch to play PC Engine CD images? If so, how can it be done? Perhaps the place of the bios file and/or its name, or the image format accepted by the pce-fast core?
23/06/2013 01:33 UTC
Furthermore regarding Genesis Plus GX - it was originally made for Gamecube/Wii. On Wii everything runs at fullspeed - the Cortex A8 CPU of Pandora is a little bit above the Gamecube CPU but way less performant than the Wii CPU - hence the stutters when it falls below 60fps.
23/06/2013 01:31 UTC
Now that I have a Pandora, I can be a bit more hands-on with this port. Dark_Pulse: Regarding Genesis/Mega Drive - Genesis Plus GX is a more demanding emulator than - say - Picodrive. Notaz is going to dust that latter one off real soon and there'll aso be a libretro port.
16/06/2013 06:49 UTC
Not bad, though it totally seems to not be able to handle any zipped ROMs at all. I have to decompress them to get them to load properly. Slightly more stuttery than I'd like, too, even in stuff that really shouldn't (Genesis/Megadrive), even with my Pandora clocked to 1.1 GHz.
10/06/2013 03:50 UTC
Isn't there a problem with the Pickle Launcher version ? It does not load anything I throw at it and comes back to the Launcher.
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