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Added:Feb 28, 2016
Updated:Jul 22, 2018
Package Author: ptitSeb
RVGL is a cross-platform rewrite / port of Re-Volt, the famous remote cars Racing game, that runs natively on both Windows and GNU/Linux and uses modern, open source components to power it. We currently use OpenGL for the graphics, OpenAL Soft for the audio, SDL for input and OS specific support and ENet for networking.

You will need the data from the original PC Re-Volt game to play.
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Additional Info
Here is RVGL, a cross-platform remake of Re-Volt using OpenGL, OpenAL, SDL2 and Enet.

The games need data files from the PC Version of the game. Launch the PND 1 time to create the apddata folder, then copy all the folder of a regular installation to appdata/rvgl. At first launch, the script will automaticaly adjust the installation (mass renaming to lower case if needed, adding a few custom files).

Nub can be activated as joystick by editing left_nub (or right_nub) and putting "absolute" inside.

If you want musics, you need to rip the Audio tracks of your CD and copy the files named "track02.XXX" to "track15.XXX" inside appdata/rvgl/redbook (XXX can be wav, mp3, ogg or flac).

History log
Build 11
* Updated the download data script (use 7z now)

Build 10
* New build, with latest sources
* Updated libs

Build 09
* Updated the download data script (less fancy but it works)
* New build, with latest sources
* DC tracks and cars should now be available, along with some fixes and improvements

Build 08
* Updated URL for the download data script
* New build
* Updated libs

Build 07 and earlier, see ain thread

A thread is open here: https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/rvgl-re-volt-remake.77027/

You can find a video of the gameplay on the Pandora by Ingoreis here: https://youtu.be/EMA3gPtrdsc

RVGL is featured on Pandoralive: http://pandoralive.info/?p=5485
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29/02/2016 06:17 UTC
@ekianjo: ok, I'll add Racing in the description (there is no Racing subcategories in freedesktop it seems), and I'll do something for the gamma. I'll try to find a mostly generic solution, either in glshim or in SDL2.
29/02/2016 05:52 UTC
PtitSeb you may want to include in the description that it's a racing game. It's nowhere indicated and if you search "racing" in the repo, this game does not appear.
28/02/2016 23:57 UTC
Excellent port!! It runs pretty much like the original :) One thing that would be nice to fix: it seems like the brightness settings in the options do not have any effect on the Pandora - is it something you can help with Ptitseb ?
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