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Added:Sep 18, 2016
Updated:Sep 18, 2016
Package Author: ptitSeb
SDL-Ball is a Free/OpenSource brick-breaking game for Linux,BSD and windows with pretty graphics. It is written in C++ using SDL and OpenGL.

Your mission: To smash your way through a series of progressively harder and more tricky levels. Your tools: Ultrakinetic titanium balls and your trusty Gruntmazter-3000-Paddle edition.


* 50 levels.
* OpenGL eye candy. (Nice graphics, really)
* Lots of powerups and powerdowns.
* Powerup Shop - You get special coins for collecting powerups, you can spend them on more powerups.
* Highscores.
* Sound.
* Easy to use level editor.
* Themes - Selectable from options menu. Themes support loading new gfx,snd and levels. A theme can be partial, if a file is missing, it will be loaded from the default * theme. You can even mix between gfx,snd and level themes!
* Controllable with Mouse/Keyboard/Joystick and WiiMote.
* Save and Load games
* Cool Introscreen
* Screenshot function
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Additional Info
Here is SDL-Ball, an opensource clone of DX-Ball / Megaball

This one use glshim, and the Batch mode of it to provide decent framerate. Still, with the EyesCandy on, when a lot of brick explode it can be slow.
I advise to turn EyeCandies OFF on CC model (and may be also on Rebirth model).

The games can be play with the Nubs and/or Keyboard:
DPad to move left/right
{X} to shot
{A}/{B} : next/prev item in Shop
{Y} ; buy an item.

But it's way better with a real mouse (with a wheel for the shop).

History log
Build 01
* Initial build
* Some Pandora customisation (keymap, reduced quantity of particules)

Sources are in the pnd (slightly changed to reduce a bit the sparks and alter keymap).

A thread is open here: https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/sdl-ball.78154/
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