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Added:Sep 11, 2016
Updated:Aug 20, 2017
Package Author: Magic Sam
Simsu is a basic Sudoku game. You can switch between filling in notes (pencil mode), or filling in answers (pen mode). To make it easier to see where to place numbers, you can highlight all instances of a number. You can also check your answers for correctness while playing. The game stores your current notes and answers, so that you can pick up where you left off the next time you play.
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Additional Info

New in build #5

- Removed previous useless changes
- Provided a default configuration file with widescreen mode ON (you still have to maximize the window though)
- Replaced initial seed from my configuration file with a "random enough large number" (nanoseconds, i.e `date +%N`)

New in build #4

- Fixed the runscript, it no longer writes to NAND (sorry about that)

New in build #3

- Graeme Gott's Simsu 1.3.4 (released on August 5th 2017)
- Compiled with ptitSeb 's latest beta Code::Blocks (GCC 7.1 + Qt 5.9.0)
- Updated libs, Qt plugins and source code

New in build #2

- Removed some unnecessary / conflicting libs from the package (thanks jeeks and ptitSeb for their help)

New in build #1

- Graeme Gott's Simsu 1.3.2
- Compiled with ptitSeb 's latest Code::Blocks (Qt 5.7.0)
- Source code is inside the PND

Release thread: https://www.pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/simsu.78106/
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