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 Tanks of FreedombetaBack
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Filesize:24.83 Mb
Added:Mar 4, 2015
Updated:Jan 3, 2017
Package Author: Canseco
Indie Turn Based Strategy in Isometric Pixel Art
Push the frontline with your tanks, support with your helicopters, and claim strategic buildings with your infantry! Issue orders and fight for freedom!
Use roads to move the front forward with your armed forces. Break through the enemy lines and take control of your opponent's bunker to win the battle.

## Why should you play Tanks of Freedom?

Hand-made pixel art assets in 16 colours!
Original soundtrack made on Access Virus C and Korg Electribe
Modern theme of real world events
Free (if you want to)
Great performance provided by Godot Engine
Available for Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, BlackBerry OS 10 and OpenPandora
Constantly updated with new features and bugfixes
By gamers for gamers.
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Additional Info
- Latest git release, 03/03/2015
- Default config adapted to fit screen size, 800x480 resolution and fullscreen.
- Thanks to x1212 for porting godot engine, ;)
- Public Release 2, 07/03/2015.
- Checkout homepage for more info.
- Beta 3, Last git version 15/05/2015.
- Updated previews.
- Updated Godot engine to 1.1 version. Thanks again x1212, ;)
- Second beta release.
- Fixed version number. Delete tanksoffreedom.pnd and download again...
- Updated previews.
- Latest beta release.
- Updated previews.
- Updated with latest fixes for AI.
- Latest beta release.
- Default controls to manage UI.
- Custom cursor enabled.
- Latest git release. Fixes "Deploy" button not working.
- Latest beta release.
- Removed custom cursor.
- Latest beta release.
- Updated Godot engine to 2.1, thanks to x1212.
- Updated libs.
- Latest beta release. See CHANGELOG.md
- Updated previews.
- Latest beta release. See CHANGELOG.md
- Latest beta release. See CHANGELOG.md
- Latest beta release. See https://github.com/w84death/Tanks-of-Freedom/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md
Preview Pics
18/05/2015 10:27 UTC
Very promising! Obviously still in development (AI not very good, some general wonkiness here and there), but the core ideas and presentation is excellent! One to watch.
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