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 Tile World 2betaBack
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Added:Jun 20, 2013
Updated:Jun 20, 2013
Package Author: ported by Felix20
Tile World is an open source implementation by Brian Raiter of Chips Challenge, a game created by Chuck Summerville. Collect computer chips, avoid monsters push blocks, and solve puzzles to get to the end and continue to the next level.

Tile World 2 is an updated version of Tile World created by Madhav Shanbhag which includes an improved interface.

Tile World can emulate two different rulesets. The Lynx ruleset is from the original Atari Lynx game, and the MS ruleset which is from the Microsoft port of Chips Challenge to Windows.

The graphics included in Tile world take up most of the vertical screen space pushing some UI elements offscreen so I have included a Graphics set created by me which is a recreation of the graphics from the MS version of the game. However this only works on the MS ruleset, for the Lynx ruleset the included graphics are the only ones available.

The full release of my tileset including licence info is here http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/238-felix-challenge/

I have also included the 2 official fan made levelsets CCLP2 and CCLP3. CCLP2 can only be played in MS mode. The original levelset is not included but if you can play it if you have a copy.

P.S. The Chips Challenge community at cczone.invisionzone.com is in the process of createing a new official levelset called CCLP1 oriented toward newer players (CCLP2 and CCLP3 are very hard). You can help with the voting by downloading voting packs and playing them.

Known issues:
At the start of a level the direction keys will sometimes act as if they're stuck pushing them will fix this. This is an issue with all linux versions of Tile World 2.
The included graphics (not my tileset) are too big for the interface to fit the pandora's screen.
In Tile World 2 there is no way to see the password of a level, this is, however not needed in normal play as the game saves which levels you have comepleted.
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26/06/2013 03:07 UTC
They could be fixed if someone with more knowledge than me figured out what is causing them. The developer is apparently close to a 2.1 release which may fix this, but I do not know when (if ever) it will be released.
25/06/2013 23:26 UTC
the stuck keys are quite annoying, could they be fixed?
21/06/2013 00:02 UTC
I really enjoy this puzzle type/ strategy game in spite of the bugs previously described...ugh ugh ugh!! 4/5
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