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 The Ur-Quan MastersreleaseBack
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Filesize:9.83 Mb
Added:Sep 25, 2012
Updated:Oct 5, 2012
Package Author: onpon4
Captain an ancient alien ship of unknown power and fight for the freedom of Earth from enslavement under the Ur-Quan. Along the way, you will see many alien races, some friendly and some not so friendly.

The Ur-Quan Masters is a port of Star Control II, which was originally released for DOS and the 3DO. It is derived from the 3DO version, but most of the features from the PC version are also present, making UQM a hybrid between the DOS and 3DO versions.

The Ur-Quan Masters also supports online play in the form of net-melee. It has been tested and works on the Pandora just as good as on a regular PC.
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Additional Info
You can get the optional voices, 3DO music, and remixes here:

Place them in appdata/uqm/content/addons (this directory will be created automatically when you start UQM for the first time). changes:
- Default config changed so that remixes are on and voice volume is at 100& (the effect of this is you don't need to fiddle with the settings to get the voice and remix packages to work).
- Improved the PXML slightly changes:
- Fixed up the PXML info.
- Extended the manual to mention netplay and how to configure the menu controls.
- By default, you can now use the "+" key to zoom in (rather than just the "=" key), and you can also use the underscore ("_") to zoom out. Note that if you're updating from a previous version, you will have to delete appdata/uqm/.uqm/override.cfg to see the change. changes:
- the license information in the PND was wrong; this version fixes it.
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10/02/2015 14:25 UTC
This is indeed one of the greatest games ever made. I've spent SO MANY HOURS playing it. Thanks for the port! Is is possible to get the 3DO videos to play in this version? I put the data files in content/addons, but no luck...
18/06/2014 22:33 UTC
This is a must-play game. The captivating single-player campaign features a huge area of space to explore populated with many species of aliens with unique and humorous personalities. The multiplayer pits two players against one another in a large variety of well-balanced ships. Also includes bots!
12/03/2013 22:20 UTC
Not my style of gaming but very well done all the same 4/5.
22/02/2013 00:40 UTC
Great game...one of the best games of all time. Works wonderfully on the Pandora...the controls are perfect.
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