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 Virtual JaguarreleaseBack
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Added:Jun 29, 2015
Updated:Mar 1, 2017
Package Author: ptitSeb
The current Virtual Jaguar developers are Niels Wagenaar (Win32/Linux), Carwin Jones (BeOS), Adam Green (MacOS), and James L. Hammons (Win32). The Virtual Jaguar GCC/SDL portable Jaguar emulator has been successfully ported and run on the following platforms:

The original source was based upon Aaron Giles CoJag driver from M.A.M.E. and used the Starscream 68000 emulator core. Since then Starscream has been replaced by the more portable Musashi 68000 core and lots of improvements and changes have obscured the underlying code’s CoJag origins (to be fair, Mr. Raingeard had made quite a few changes from the CoJag driver before we got our hands on it)! The Musashi 68000 core has since been replaced with a heavily customized version of UAE’s 68000 core.

Currently all the major subsystems found in a real Jaguar are emulated to some degree. There are of course some problems remaining—some that we are aware of, and many more that we are not! See the Compatibility section to get a feel for some of the undiscovered problems…

In the near future, various technical aspects of a real Jaguar will be posted here as well.
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Additional Info
Here is a PND of Virtual Jaguar, the emulator of the Jaguar game console.

Here, a video of the emulator on the Pandora from Ingoreis; https://youtu.be/f3DSiJAxn90

The Jaguar had many chip inside, and is quite a beast to emulate, so don't expect this one to be full speed on the Pandora.

If you disable DSP (and so sound), it can be of enjoyable speed (but with DSP on, it will be, at best, 50% of speed, so choppy sound).

Beware, the emulator will not work with SGX driver v4.04+

History log
Build 02
* Update sources

Build 01
* Initial build
* Some customisation and optimizations

A thread is open here: http://boards.openpandora.org/topic/18254-virtual-jaguar/
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03/07/2015 19:43 UTC
I forgot to say, I always overclock my 1GHz unit to 1300 mhz when using the emulator. I never had any crashes with other emus while overclocking, but maybe that's the problem? I'll do bit of testing with lower clockspeeds to see if it still crashes.
03/07/2015 19:40 UTC
Thanks for this cool port, ptitSeb. Rayman is not fullspeed, but very playable with frameskip 1 and no DSP. The only problem I experienced so far are random crashes after playing for a while. Sometimes the emu crashes and takes me back to the Minimenu. Other than that I'm very happy with this port.
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